WHO we are

After countless hours spent at big corporations and agencies, our co-founder, Katee Duarte, was tired of the old marketing approach. Disregard for client relationships, sloppy strategy, and unquantifiable results were considered the standard. In a rush to grow clients and their rosters, she often felt her integrity and principles questioned, and watched employees who were inundated with the wrong accounts burn out.

Katee left the corporate world with a mission: to help companies elevate their brand in the digital landscape while understanding the personal touch necessary to build a strong rapport with clients. In order to implement her goal, she took over and modernized Duarte Group, Inc., a traditional marketing company, in 2016 (see Our History), steering the focus to digital media.

Today, the Duarte Group, Inc. team meshes together experience in digital curation, brand cultivation, and community building. Our personalities and skill sets are vast and comprehensive; however, our goals of integrity, transparency, and trust are unwavering. Duarte Group, Inc. stands for and implements these principles with every client and partner.

We work hard to alleviate the potential stress of a social media strategy for your business to help you enjoy a better work-life balance, and we guarantee that your digital presence is in good hands - this is our promise to you. We will not just meet your expectations, we will exceed them.

our co-founder


Born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada, Katee Duarte is the Founder of Duarte Group, Inc. She has been managing and consulting in social media for the past seven years, with over ten years of professional experience in marketing and communications. Katee has worked across numerous industries alongside multiple clients and sectors, including media & entertainment, food & drink, hospitality, academia, nonprofit, clothing, and beauty. She currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her son Hudson.