Social causes

Duarte Group, Inc. is actively involved in one special organization in our immediate community, Restorations Second Stage Homes. We are committed to raising funds and awareness for Restorations, and a portion of our proceeds directly support this organization. For additional information, please contact us or visit the website listed below. 

restorations second stage homes

A $32 billion annual industry, modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work. According to the U.N., almost 2.5 million people around the world are ensnared in the web of human trafficking at any given time. Sex trafficking is the exploitation of women and children, within national or across international borders, for the purposes of forced sex work. Commercial sexual exploitation includes pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking of women and girls, and is characterized by the exploitation of a human being in exchange for goods or money. Sex traffickers use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to compel adults and children to engage in commercial sex acts against their will. Vulnerable populations are frequently targeted by traffickers, including runaway and homeless youth, as well as victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, war, or social discrimination. 

Restorations Second Stage Homes in a non-profit organization that exists to provide specialized, long term, holistic care for the victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Canada. The core of the work that Restorations takes on is building and nurturing long-term relationships between survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and staff, volunteers, and the wider community. In turn, these efforts work to establish a foundation for recovery, healing, empowerment, and success. The residential recovery programs for victims of commercial sexual exploitation promote healing, wholeness, independence and family reunification by dealing with the issues in a holistic way.

Restorations is currently raising funds to attain the home for their residential program. The team works strictly on a volunteer basis out of a passion to fill the gap of specialized, holistic, long-term care in Ontario, and all donations are directed towards housing and programming goals. 

Our Founder, Katee Duarte, is a proud Board Member of Restorations Second Stage Homes and is actively involved in the education of and fight against sexual exploitation. For more information, please visit or contact us directly.